PROphecy announcement

There are a few important developments that we would like to announce to you. First of all, we have successfully completed our first week. In the coming period, the emission rate will be divided by 2 every week until it becomes 8x. First of all, we would like to tell you about two different innovations:


As you know, HEPA is a mintable project and for this reason it will be printed until its supply reaches 500,000,000. Our goal is to develop a system where Hepa can be burned and in return mint a new stablecoin called $USDH. In this way, we will try to create a more reliable investor environment that can provide a serious reduction in the emission rate of Hepa. You will be able to farm stablecoins (eg $USDH-$BUSD LP) with the Prometheus protocol, which we will release $USDHs soon.


As you know, as HEPA finance, we use APESWAP LPs, but we are also trying to develop the HEPA Router in the future. The reserve currency of the HEPA router will be $USDH. At the same time, thanks to the HEPA router, many pools will be added and you will be able to create HEPA LPs.

We share the process diagram for you to understand the system better:




Guaranteed Highest APR Yield Farming on BSC

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Hepa Finance

Hepa Finance

Guaranteed Highest APR Yield Farming on BSC

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