Prometheus Update #2

Hello miners, we would like to share our Roadmap with you. We have developed many ways to solve the problem of high inflation of HEPA. These are HepaDrome, Leveraged Farming with xHEPA and USDH Forge Factory, respectively.

#1 HepaDrome

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of HepaDrome — a new single-staking feature on HepaFinance.

· Stake Hepa and earn tokens from new and exciting projects launching on Hepa Finance!

· External projects will be able to participate and launch their own HepaDrome pools on Hepa Finance.

To summarize:

· Alternative 1: Stake HEPA, earn Token X

· Alternative 2: Stake Token X, earn Token X, Y or Z (or whatever the participating projects prefer)

Since this is single asset staking there will be no risk of impermanent loss (IL).

For those familiar with PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain, HepaDrome should be a familiar concept — it is largely inspired by PancakeSwap’s Syrup Pools.

We expect HepaDrome to be ready for use in two weeks

#2 Leveraged farming with xHepa


To reduce HEPA inflation, we designed a system where HEPA is staked into xHEPA. In addition to xHepa, it will be Hepa Finance’s new governance token. By participating in the voting with xHEPA, you will be able to vote the emission values ​​of HEPA, the fees and rewards of the forge factory as a community.

A certain amount of fee is cut when converting HEPA to xHEPA. There is a one-way swap mechanism with 1 HEPA equivalent to 0.8 xHEPA. 0.1 HEPA is burned automatically, the other 0.1 HEPA is used to stabilize the price of USDH by going to HepaVaultFeesPool. 0.8 HEPA goes to HepaVaultStakersPool.

Leveraged Farming

The HepaVaultStakersPool, where the users’ Hepa is stored, is a proportional participation pool. In other words, when you want to withdraw 1 HEPA that you converted to xHepa, you can withdraw it according to the size of HepaVaultStakersPool. If your rate does not change when you deposit 0.8 xHEPA, you can withdraw it as 0.8 HEPA. However, HepaVaultStakersPool is constantly changing according to USDH mint. For example, when you deposit xHEPA, let’s say the total USDH supply is $100k. If the USDH supply is $1m when you want to withdraw your xHEPA, you can most likely withdraw 0.8 xHEPA as 1.1 HEPA. Thus, your profit will be doubled if the price of HEPA increases, both from the HEPA rewards you receive for depositing xHEPA and with the growth of the Hepa pool. However, if the USDH supply decreases, the price of HEPA may decrease and the amount of HEPA you can withdraw from HepaVaultStakersPool may decrease. We can call it a bilaterally leveraged HEPA investment. Do your own risk!!

Stake xHEPA earn HEPA

After converting HEPA to xHEPA, by locking your xHEPA (1 day, 1 week, 14 days, 1 month) you can reward seniorage fee from USDH mint as HEPA.

#3 USDH Forge Factory

USDH Forge Factory
USDH Forge Factory

The diagram of USDH Forge Factory is given above. In short, we can say that USDH Forge Factory balances the price from Hepa Vaults and its own BUSD treasury, and when it mints, we can say that it is a stable coin design that adds the minted money to these pools. In addition, USDH-BUSD also gives those who provide liquidity the chance to earn a very advantageous interest rate as a percentage. Thus, USDH liquidity will increase and price volatility will be very low. Most of the allocated USDH treasury is allocated to $PRO token pools, which will give stable coin earnings.

xHEPA and USDH will be launched at the end of August or beginning of September.

#4 Return to 128x

Should a 1-month event be held to increase up to 128x emissions after xHEPA is released? There will be a vote to ask. First Governance voting of Hepa Finance


Auto-Buy Mechanism

Burning Mechanism

Staking Mechanism


New StableCoin USDH



Guaranteed Highest APR Yield Farming on BSC

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