Hepa News (Happy News?)


There is very little time left before we implement the changes we have planned. As of the publication of this medium post, we will terminate the token mint transaction in the current hepa farm contract. And then we will ask you to remove your apeswap lps and supply pancakeswap v2 lp.

On September 22, the new website will be launched and the following features will be available;

New MasterHepa contract (Liquidity Mining Pools)

Rewards will now be distributed unlocked in new LP mining pools. 8 Hepa per block will be minted. Withdraw fees will continue in the same way as in the previous contract.

Staking Pools (HepaDrome)

As a staking pool, the contracts of pancakeswap have been forked. There is no withdrawal fee.

First of all, the Stake xHepa — Earn Hepa pool will be opened, and then in case of agreed defis, you will be able to stake xHepa and earn other tokens.

xHepa (Forge House)

By converting your Hepa to xHepa, you can participate in stake pools or stake your xHepa at Forge House to earn seniorage fees from the USDH contract. If you want to convert your 1 Hepa to xHepa, you will get 0.8 xHepa. You can convert your 0.8 xHepa back to 0.8 Hepa. 0.1 of 0.2 Hepa received as Fee will be burned and the other 0.1 Hepa will be used in the treasury to stabilize the price of USDH.

Forge House Staking

The staking contract at Forge House has withdraw fees that vary depending on the duration. Because, thanks to the seniorage fee, we wanted to complicate the staking opportunity here, since users can earn high income. We want users who really want to earn income from fees to use this place.

Withdraw Fees for Forge House Stakings

30% for the first 7 days
Next 7 days 20%
Next 7 days 10%
It will be 0% after 28 days.

The duration of the withdraw fee will be reset every time the user makes a new deposit. (We will arrange this as a separate fee for each deposit in the future, but the logic will work like this in the first days.)

On September 23, the USDH contract will be put into use. Only 10000 Usdh will be preminted and in return 10000 USD worth of Busd liquidity will be opened. Accordingly, Liquidity Mining Pools and Staking Pools using Usdh will be opened. Staking pools seniorage fee distribution at Forge House will also begin after the USDH contract becomes available.

In this journey, which we started by making an ido of $ 20000, we are planning to open another $ 20000 liquidity, in total, in different pools, within the USDH contract, in addition to the locked liquidity of $ 12500, which was opened at the beginning. In addition, our own team has undertaken the long and high development costs. And we can say with peace of mind that our team did not sell even 1 Hepa in this process.

In the upcoming period, we will try to increase the usage area of ​​USDH and HEPA and ensure that Hepa Finance finds the value it deserves.


On the occasion of this blog, we would like to explain our new roadmap to you.

Late Q4 2021

Lottery System
Hepa Finance NFT Collection
Hepa Finance Charts Page

Q1 2022
Autocompund pools
USDH Vaults
Metapools using USDH

Q2 2022

Multi-chain Integration
And more features

LP Migration

The tokens that are currently farmed on our site and their addresses are as follows.

Tokens can sometimes load too late on pancake, wait or refresh the page

If you haven’t added the tokens in the pcs, if you turn on the expert mode in the settings, pair links will work.

Hepa: 0x9159f30f1c3f0317b0a2d6bc176f29266be790ee
Cake: 0x0e09fabb73bd3ade0a17ecc321fd13a19e81ce82
Banana: 0x603c7f932ed1fc6575303d8fb018fdcbb0f39a95
Tape: 0xf63400ee0420ce5b1ebdee0c942d7de1c734a41f
Dai: 0x1af3f329e8be154074d8769d1ffa4ee058b1dbc3
Busd: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56
Bhunt: 0x44fd3c7f45f35a0310461ae3242b55b60d9ca30a

Pool Links PCS V2:















After you withdraw your LP from the app.hepa.finance site, you must remove your LPs from the Apeswap website and add them as liquidity from the pancakeswap site.

Pcs v2 Liqudity Page: https://pancakeswap.finance/liquidity
Apeswap Liquidity Page: https://app.apeswap.finance/pool

Please add liqudity to PCS V2 !!!!!

We recommend that you withdraw your lp from the pools until tomorrow. After the farm contract is changed, you will not have access to the unclaimed rewards and the lp withdrawal will work in the logic of emergency withdraw. (25% Fee) These fees will be returned to you at the end of the 1st Week, but we will not have access to the Hepas you did not claim. PLEASE EXIT THE POOL.

After the site is updated, the old site will switch to the old.hepa.finance domain name and those who do not withdraw their LP from the pool can withdraw from there.

Finally, we don’t have access to your Locked Hepa either, so you can use your Locked Hepas when the locks open on March 25.



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