Governance Update

Hepa Finance
4 min readAug 31, 2021

Hello miners,

Today I want to convey to you the latest status of Hepa Finance Promoetheus Update.

First of all, I would like to thank our community. We are happy that they are aware of the importance of the updates we have made for Hepa Finance and that they patiently wait for their improvements. It is our primary duty not to be embarrassed by our community, which understands the vision and mission of Hepa Finance and does not abandon us despite price fluctuations. Thanks, miners.

First, the USDH and XHepa contract and website links we have planned for Hepa are finished. Currently, the tests of the contract are carried out on the Ethereum Kovan Testnet network. I leave the contract addresses and links below for you to review.

ERM deployed to: 0x33d0a91CA3A9A0A6B2b17c8Fb43a1d4C443Cc271
USDH deployed to: 0x790870e6C0AF34D0a96a65174778947223c6dF7E
xHepa deployed to: 0x0684DAd6eE76cFc2CFF3861f9D35798758561913
Staking deployed to: 0x7AAB1C2577e093801f714fBEBD6EC6538a9c3Bf7
Treasury deployed to: 0x51DFe66D624677FF8F3278361216461717e91e76

All contracts are unique.

The contract for the Stake Pools is now at the end of the writing phase and will be launched in 3 days.


We can publish the USDH contract today, but we have a few reasons not to and would like to put it to your vote.

First Problem: MasterHepa

When we first designed our application, when looking at the sample defis in the market, we thought that a viper exchange style site is not on the bsc network, and this design will attract attention in the Binance smart chain network, and in addition, high aprs will also attract users in the market. First of all, we have reached an incredible tvl and price with this foresight and low marketing expenditure. Afterwards, the price dropped continuously due to high inflation and our users were affected by this situation. Currently, due to the nature of this DeFi design, aprs are at a very low level.

I can say that this situation makes it difficult for us to make partnerships with many DeFi companies besides inflation. Because of the 95% token lock, the vault companies that auto-compound state that they cannot integrate the contract into their sites. Normal DeFi companies, on the other hand, are not willing to make a deal, as ours will be less than the rewards they will distribute, since 95 percent is the key. In this case, we have to give hepa to companies at abnormally high rates, but we do not have that amount of hepa reserves. This situation prevents us from partnerships, which is the most organic user base attracting method. In addition, since there is no constant hepa flow for hepa stake pools, we will have to keep the apr of stake hepa earn hepa pools that we will offer to our users low.

If MasterHepa is changed, the lock system will be removed. It will be a constant mint with an emission value that will decrease over time.

Second Problem: Apeswap Router

We decided to use apeswap Router and pairs, thinking that we would agree with apeswap in the process when we first released the application. However, I would like to regret that we will not be able to make an agreement with apeswap at the end of this process. At this point, the transactions to be made through apeswap lp tokens and apeswap router are now a limitation for us. Because we trust the USDH token and we think that we can deal with many defence companies that farm Stablecoins and use pancake routers. Therefore, I would like to say that we want to install liquidity there through apeswap lp and we do not want it to be a limiting factor for us, we want to launch usdh on the pancake router.

As a result, we want to change the MasterHepa contract and the router we use, but we will do so at the community’s discretion. We anticipate that MasterHepa’s change and transition to Pancake Router will be completed in 15 days.

Note 1: As a result of these updates, there will be no change in the distribution of locked tokens.

Note 2: Hepa stake pools will be opened within 3 days.

Note 3: If Option 1 is accepted, we think that it will be a healthier launch with the completion of audits for our contracts.

Now we want to decide the future of HEPA with your votes.

PROPOSAL: Change MasterHepa and Router?

Option 1: Yes, change MasterHepa and Router. I want USDH installed on Pancake Router.

Option 2: No, everything is fine now. Bring USDH now.

Connect here to vote

Votes do not move Hepa’s from your account to another account. You can vote without worry

Let’s also mention that we will always present the decisions we will make to the community from now on.

See you tomorrow on our new Roadmap blog.