Hello miners,

Today I want to convey to you the latest status of Hepa Finance Promoetheus Update.

First of all, I would like to thank our community. We are happy that they are aware of the importance of the updates we have made for Hepa Finance and that they patiently…

Hello miners, we would like to share our Roadmap with you. We have developed many ways to solve the problem of high inflation of HEPA. These are HepaDrome, Leveraged Farming with xHEPA and USDH Forge Factory, respectively.

#1 HepaDrome

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of HepaDrome — a…

There are a few important developments that we would like to announce to you. First of all, we have successfully completed our first week. In the coming period, the emission rate will be divided by 2 every week until it becomes 8x. …

Hello farmers today we’re thrilled to announce the initial launch of
Hepa Finance

Our governance token HEPA and our first DeFi product Hepa.Finance
all launching right now on Binance Smart Chain


  • IDO will be on ApeTools
  • HEPA token (HEPA) — a revenue generating governance token governing the HEPA Finance ecosystem…

Hepa Finance

Guaranteed Highest APR Yield Farming on BSC

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